GREETINGS AND SALUTATIONS goodness it's been a hot Minute. roughly 103440 minutes , At That !! Weeell , I've been terribly busy , so much so that ive neglected the VAST MAJORITY of my online presences ( so don't feel bad! ) As mentioned briefly in my previous entry, ive finally started my Freshman Year of college and am Gradually beginning to Adjust to the communte - an hour and a half at 7am every Tuesday JESUS CHRIST .
Classes have been good and fine, mostly just notetaking save For my evening skill assessment Classes in which I've been been making a LOT of bread ( pictures to be provided soon )

In other news , I've MOMENTARILY PAUSED work on my game due to loss of interest , but i'll be back to it soon! im more focused on a combination of schoolwork and seperate worldbuilding and rp characters. Hopefully Ill find myself in a better state to Sit Down And Write lines upon lines of corny dialogue soon hoohoo. LIVEWIRE IS DOING WELL BY THE WAY he joins me on my commute and is a generally perfect companion for my longer work days. I'm thinking of getting it some stickers or accessories so he can look a little more unique but I always feel bad modifying my Things. I painted my old 3DS ages ago and still regret it to This day X-[
Ah well. Perhaps if anyone reads these they could provide some sources for lovely little Laptop Addons or removable stickers that wont leave a film?

joyous day, Neocities ! i return to you with another rambly Ranty entry- BUT IM IN SUCH A GOOD MOOD THIS TIME AROUND !!! earlier in this Week, i took a placement test for My college courses and passed with Flying Colors ! im proud of myself yes but also violently ill with Excitement over getting back into school. not that i Enjoy work but being so isolated all the time is doing Terrible Things to me. BUT WORRY NOT, MORE PLEASANT INFORMATION !! Ive been participating in artfight this year- i did last year too!- and have met my goal of 10+ attacks! which Doesnt exactly feel like a lot but Im more than happy with it considering its just hardly past the First Week. unfortunately, im a little pooped out so i might Take a brief art break before I Try to hit 15 !

in cooler and more Thrilling news, im going to FINALLY publicly announce that im working on a game- a visual novel ! more information will be tucked away in my Projects tab, but things are going super well with It !!!! over 2k words thus far and getting a Decent-ish hang of Python, im hoping to finish it before school Murders Me Dead. but !!!! this is the only place ive mentioned production of Paper Jam so far, save for in private groupchats- feel premium or Something !!

also im getting waaaayy better at fallout

HELLO GREETINGS BLOG READERS !!! its been a hot minute since i continued work on this site, and thats because ... i FINALLY got myself a new laptop!! ( yeaahhhh whoohooooo ) ! i have been so productive and non-productive at the same time- for one, i started Working on a Visual Novel !!!!!!! i hope my Many exclamation points convey how much i am Enjoying this comp. Im typing on Her now btw !!! His name is LIVEWIRE after the mt dew flavour because i named My headphones Baja Blast
IVE ALSO BEEN GAMING !!! surprisingly . i picked NiTW and The Sims back up, but started ToonTown and Fallout NV for the first time on this Baby! very varied taste yes yes I Know BUT !! i am having a good time :-) even if im so sucks at fallout

on the real world real Life side of things, my garden's been Flourishing ! unfortunately, that did mean it was Harvest Time. i grew some beautiful lettuce and basil- made a salad with the former and put the latter in some pasta I Made tonight ! real simple: butter, minced Garlic, lil garlic pow-pow and shallots in a pan until lightly browned and Translucent. toss in whatever Pretty seasonings are in your cupboard + some peeled cooked Shrimps! coat and baste in light butter sauce before tossing with some Al Dente pasta - i used Bowtie !! never go easy on garlic EVER, i made that mistake X-P serve with fresh basil and garlic bread ( MY RECIPE FOR GB IS A SECRET ) this has been Another episode of foods with Paper >:-]

ooh, i also made an almond honey cake last week but Thats TWO recipes in one blog entry !! no Way ! hopefully a picture will suffice

ahhughhh summer is one hell of a killer . I always forget how much the days meld together during the summer months Specifically. ITS ALREADY HALF WAY INTO JUNE !!! X-( ach. well.
I've hit a slight art slump, especially in regards for fanart, but I'm hoping that ends up being a good thing? because July is, of course, ART FIGHT MONTH and i did TERRIBLE last year. Because of art block.

Ack. Urgh!!! i don't have any real reason to be writing, just feeling Ranty, you know? time is strange and so is art and people and Everything. iunno, im Crazy tired lately. but on the bright side, happy pride month ( Woo-Hoo!! )

A smaller blog post today!! i just feel like Writing ;-] ive been indulging in a lot of interests lately but Also been heartily productive ! at the cost of being Sort of Very anti-social but thats a ramble for another day. I've been binging through A Starstruck Odyssey throughout the week and am currently on episode 12. its been perfect for keeping me occupied while I do other things ( ie. clean, build, game )- God Bless Dimension 20 o7
Speaking of gaming, I've been running through INSCRYPTION again!!! i was starting DREDGE but writing my shrine really Threw me back into my fixation. thoe playthrough, I'm doing my Best to 100% all the easter eggs and secret bosses- I haven't gotten to them YET but i successfully got the Mycologists AND Bone Lord keys. so Woohoo! very happy to see my dear robofave and hopefully I can completely finish off my Shrine this week!

Noooo new plants yet unfortunately :'-[ but maybe Next week.. im still deciding on what ill name them.

i said id be doing pasta and cookies "later in the week"- I LIED !!! I DID EM TODAY ! i think the focaccia reminded me how much baking grounds me, especially when i dont feel like drawing anything. i think ill make some Shrimp Fettucine with my pasta dough tomorrow or friday, depends on how much energy I have to walk over to the fishmonger ~_~ either way, got a good bit of things done today!! i think im going to try cleaning up my workspace as well before bed- im Hoping to pick up some succulents this weekend so the space is needed!!
my langue de chats came out really nice! soft, chewy butter cookie middle with crisp edges, not bad for a first try. REALLY good with a cup of coffee (with Cinnamon!)- in case anyone is maybe reading this, use equal parts butter, sugar, egg whites and flour and combine with a little lemon zest, Half a teaspoon of white vinegar per 50g of egg and a splash of either vanilla or good maple syrup! pipe dots and bake on 350F for 12-14 minutes or until gold around the edges- really good if you have a light sweet tooth and Meringues are too Much :-]

yay, blog set up !! i wasnt initially going to have a blog on this site but i realized itd probably be really nice to have a page to just talk on :-] love tumblr as i do i cant help but feel a little bit judged any time i post words and thoughts and not art of A Thing.
SO its words here !! amd the occasional picture! like this focaccia i made for my grandmother earlier today (pictured right) -its topped with sundried tomatoes, garlic and thyme- REEEAL good bread, kinda oily but really good!! and apparently a healthy amount of olive oil is really good for your heart and blood pressure which is Good because high BP runs in the family! im planning on making some pasta from scratch later on in the week, as well as some langues du chat with the leftover whites . STAY TUNED!!!!!!