> GREETINGS HOMINIDS (?) ! you managed to stumble into my humble little corner of the webernet !! how FUN X-)
this here website is a place for me to put THINGS when social media gets too daunting / incorrect-feeling and practice some good ol' HTML . i dont update extremely often but i like to slip in every now and then to type up crap in my BLOG or touch up bits and pieces. hope you find this computerspace CUTE or maybe a little bit IRRITATING i dont know !!!!

this website was designed for desktop/larger screens ! mobile layout is QUITE clunky

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about: it's me i'm the alien ! hoho ! my name is PAPER and i am a pastry arts student and hobby artist that dabbles in code ^_^ my interests include ROBOTS, old web & tech, lemon-flavored things, my friends' cats, and big beautiful men
pronouns: he / it / blip
status: damp and warm
currently listening to: White Noise

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04/03/24: BIG HOMEPAGE LAYOUT UPDATE and fixes :-)
27/06/23: layout fixes ! custom cursor polished
28/05/23: added melonland webring ! :-D
25/05/23: HOT FREAKS shrine created
23/05/23: LINKS page KILLED !!!! replaced with gallery and blog :3 baked bread
22/05/23: all main pages added ! still WIP - MINI GALLERY added under LINKS ! maybe temp?
19/05/23: PAPERS PC WAS BORN !!