hello !! my name is PAPER ( or you can call me JESTER ) and im a hobby artist and baking student that dabbles in animation and, now, html . BIG fan of robots, cartoons, old web and tech, and writing !!
currently 19 years of old and my pronouns are he/blip/it

This site was inspired by windowsXP and early 2000s sites like xanga and myspace ^_^

This user LOVES P03 even though they have bad synergy <\3

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  • The CHATBOX can also be found on the NAV BAR !! pls be nice
  • my hope with this webpage is to get both handier with HTML and more comfortable existing online !! social medias like twitter and instagram have a tendency to freak me out so im hoping a little personal site will give me some confidence having an e-space of my own !

    i also think it'd be cool to meet more people :-]